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IMG_1163Here are a few pictures of the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary occupies 5.3 acres which includes a pond of approximately 1 acre. The site is illuminated in the evening and has surveillance cameras throughout to assist in the..

Please visit my friend @ Doug’s website. He has a very nicely written blog (with great pictures and video) relating to the ducks and geese that live year round at Mill Pond in Brighton, MI. Doug has been very instrumental in the development of this website and we are sincerely grateful for his continued assistance.


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  1. I wanted to contact the sanctuary because I had recently bought 2 ducks from tractor supply during chick days and I starting thinking as they grew bigger that I couldn’t supply them the life they needed or that they should have. Seeing the sanctuary I was going to contact you to see if you would take them, so they can get the care and space that they deserve.

    • Unfortunately, I am beyond capacity because of similar purchases such as yours. If you could please text me some pictures of your ducks to 248-446-2021, I will try to help place them in a nice home. Thanks, Matt.

  2. My brother recently brought home two ducks from Tractor supply for us and had us beliving they were fine and they not. He leaves for work all day and they sit in a bucket freezing not eating or drinking. Please email me if you could take them in.

    • First, get me as warm as possible, as quickly as you can…towels, heat lamp, etc., and then call me @ 248-446-2021

  3. My oldest sister bought 2 Ruin ducks and and can no longer take care of them. My mother and I have been trying to call local animal rescue places to try and find a home for the ducks but it seems that no one wants to take the 2 ducks in. And we live in Silverdale Washington, so I was wondering if you could give us some advice on what to do or if you have someone we can call for the ducks?

    • Can you please leave me your phone number and a picture. What kind of duck? Thanks, Matt or you can just call me at 248-446-2021

  4. Do you ever place ducks up for adoption? Or relocate them to individuals that can care for the ducks and are willing to take them in?

    • Hi Laura, can you please call me when you have a moment, and I’ll explain to you what we may be able to do to help you. Thanks, Matt 248-446-2021

  5. We bought 4 Pekin Ducks from Tractor Supply about 9 weeks ago, as much as we love them , I feel like they need to be near a pond and free to roam around . Right now we have them in a fenced in area to keep predators out with a baby pool to play in . The water is changed about 3 times a day but I still feel like their quality of life is not what it should be. Are you taking Ducks at this time or know of a place that is ?

    • I just tried calling you a few minutes ago and you hung up on me. I was going to try to help you with your duck situation, Matt

    • Hi Kristin, please call me at your convenience regarding your duck situation. So sorry for the delay in responding!! Thanks, Matt 248-446-2021

  6. Can you suggest a vet experienced with Peking duck. In September I rescued 2 ducks that had trouble walking and were being attacked by geese. Love them dearly. I have been giving them niacin and one of the ducks is almost back to normal. The other one not as good. She has a great safe environment but just can’t get around much.

    • HI Sally, can you please call me at 248-446-2021 at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Matt 248-446-2021 Sorry for the late response, internet was down due to the wind damage.

  7. HI my name is Barbara wells and I have a handicap duckling that is 13 day’s old. I have taken it to a vet and what the vet said is the left leg ankle is growing dysfunctionally and said that she feels that there is nothing that can be done to fix it I have an older flock of 5 ducks that I am worried that they won’t except her if I attempt to introduce them is there a possibility that you my have a recommendation on what I should do our now of maybe a rescue that take handicap duck’s I don’t want to have to put her done if I don’t have too
    Thank you
    Barbara wells

    • Hi Barbara, please call me at your convenience @ 248-446-2021. If it goes to VM, please leave a call back number. We should be able to help you. Thanks, Matt

  8. Hi, so the people that live down the road from me had about 15 ducks/geese (not sure what they are) last year and from what I’m told something got all the ducks except one during the night. Now the only survivor comes down to my house at night. He isn’t really a bother but we live in a neiborhood he has almost got hit by cars my neighbors right next door have rottweiles who I have had to stop from eating the duck. The people who actually own the duck told me I could keep it or shoot it they don’t care so now I’m am trying to find out what I can do with this guy. Was trying to find someplace closer to me that might take him but not find much was wondering if you had any suggestions. I’m in Clare county.

      • Still have no idea what to do with him. Tried talking to the owners son again but he says we should just shoot it and that they just got 3 baby ducks so they don’t care what happens to this duck. So at this point I bought a small pen so I can hopefully keep the duck safe from the neighbors dogs till I find him a home.

        • Can you text me some picts? I will take him if you’d like to bring him by. I don’t know who around Claire might take him. Text them to the phone number in the previous text.

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