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By Check Payable to:
Michigan Duck Rescue
P O Box 701756
Plymouth, MI 48170

Prices fluctuate often as these are commodities, current pricing:
$20 will buy four (4) bales of straw.  We use approx. 15 bales/week.
$13.00 will buy one 50lb bag of protein.  we use 2 bags daily.
$4.50 will buy one (1) bushel (56lbs) of corn. We use 4 bushels daily.

One hundred pounds of protein mixed with two (4) bushels of corn feeds the Sanctuary’s waterfowl for approximately  1-2 days, depending on how many wild mallards are visiting at the time!

Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Charity Corporation dedicated to the rescue, care, protection and housing of unwanted domestic waterfowl and domestic birds.


    • I did it again… I donated for the parrot. Did you get the last bill pay donation yet.??

    • Hi Pat, thank you very much for your donation, but I cannot find it anywhere. May I ask how you completed the transaction, thanks. Matt 248-446-2021

  1. I NEED the exact location ASAP! I do not need the pictures, but I do need the location. I have been waiting for this for a few weeks now! Thanks, Matt

  2. Matthew,

    I’ve just put a check in the mail to help you and your wonderful nonprofit organization,

    Thank you for all you do for domestic ducks!


    • Sorry for the slow response, I don’t have the opportunity to look at this email as often as I should. A visit may be possible once our ‘season’ slows down. Thanks, Matt

  3. Just stumbled onto your site do you guys ever run across geese that need rehomed ? if so I’d be interested in providing a home for them. Don’t know how far away you are I’m going to look you up or if there are any other rescues closer to the coldwater or Bronson Mi area

  4. I’m making a donation in memory of my 5 Silver-Appleyard ducks: Pancake, Pippin, Thistle and Oddie. I am truly touched to learn that there is a duck rescue and sanctuary in Minn. for these wonderful creatures to be able to live out their lives.

  5. Thank you for everything you do. I can’t imagine anything every happening to my Pekin girl. I made a small donation. Wished it could be more, but every little bit helps.

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