Fresh Air for Gee Gee

So busy, so far behind, so much to write, don’t know where to begin…so I’ll try here: Went to the vet today, Dr. Beasley (Cedar Creek), with three of our precious angels, Gee Gee, Fred Jr. and Rebecca. As many may remember (if you have recently joined us, his wonderful story is posted around one […]

The Mill Ponds favorite Mrs.

This angel is Mrs. Pom Pom (named by Doug,, from the Brighton Mill Pond.  She has gone from being terrorized relentlessly from the Mill Pond males, to living a more serene life here at the Sanctuary.  From the time that she arrived here, through about three weeks later, she has had a remarkable recovery.  […]

Kroger helping our ducks, again!

  We are very happy to announce that we are now part of the Kroger community rewards program. This basically means that if you are a Kroger shopper and you have a Kroger membership card, you would simply ad our non profit organization to your card through a simple online registration, and every time that […]

Caution, hatching time is near!

Please be careful where you walk, you just may be about to step on a nesting mama duck. The Plymouth Twp. Fire Chief (Dan) called me last week to see what could be done about a nesting Mallard hen in their parking lot. We decided to leave the nest, if barriers could be put around […]

Couples Day at the Sanctuary

Couples day today at the Sanctuary! As I walked around this morning, I noticed that there were a lot of ‘couples’ hanging out a little more than usual, or at least it seemed like it to me, so I started snapping photos.    

Marold Found his Final Paradise

As many of you may remember, Marold, our precious rescue from the Brighton Mill Pond, had a tough time since his arrival.  He had lost his ability to walk and care for himself at the pond, so he was given refuge at our Sanctuary, where he would have constant care around the clock, if need be.  […]

On a Wing and a Plane

Our precious cargo arrived yesterday afternoon via Atlanta, GA., (a 750 mile flight, and she didn’t even break a sweat), and her name is Daisy. Her owner, Kathi, has several ducks, I believe 3 boys and 3 girls, but poor little Daisy was the constant target of the boy’s abuse, and they were relentless to […]

Leave the Law Alone!

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from Jill Fritz, Michigan Senior State Director of the Humane Society of the United States, asking if we would like to submit a letter on behalf of the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary to help in opposition of a repeal attempt of a state bill. Synopsis: In 1945, the […]

Gracie’s Sad Farewell

This was just after Gracie’s first swim at the Sanctuary on 10/31/14. As I had mentioned in a previous post, with the warmer weather the other day, a large handful of the smaller ducks didn’t want to come in for the night for the first time since the really cold months of winter, including Gracie. […]