I think I’ll have the salad for lunch!

It was time for a lunch break at the Sanctuary the other day, and another treat for the ‘residents’! I can never watch enough video of the munchkins eating their veggies! Thanks again to Kroger, for their continued support of our Sanctuary (extra kudos to: Steven, Cherie, Stasha, and Merri…) and for ensuring that our […]

Maxie, just hangin’ around!

Max, aka. Maxie, is always seeking my attention when I enter my office or work at my desk. One of her favorite things to do is this! Notice how she tucks her feet close to her body and just hangs on with her beak until she get me to praise her. Fortunately, my voice can’t […]

Sly ‘The Eye’ Stallone

Our precious, but tough, Sly Stallone, just won a battle with an eye tumor that has plagued him for several months.  First diagnosed as a cyst that was treated with an anti-inflammatory, it reduced in size, but never completely.  After months of never shrinking into oblivion, I took him to Dr. Beasley at Cedar Creek for […]

Comfy Headrest!

Last night as I went in to rinse these munchkins off, I noticed Curly resting comfortably on Sly Stallone’s ‘behind’. I ran into the other room to get my phone to video this, never thinking for a moment that they would still be in this position when I returned, but…! A recent rescue, Curly (Rouen/Mallard […]

Two Swans ‘a’ Eating

Two of our ‘resident’ Mute Swans, Maggie and Magnum, eating away with all of their friends (and visiting mallards) here at the Sanctuary. Mute Swans get a bad rap from a variety of uninformed accusers, for their ‘alleged’ aggressiveness. I have been in the company of swans on many occasions over the years (even so close […]

Wood Duck Greeting

I came out this past morning to find our new little visitor ‘resident’ greeting me (or possibly telling me I’m late for feeding). We call him Cordell, as we have a few that visit us daily (I am beginning to believe by their always being in plain sight, that they spend the nights here as […]

Morning feeding at the Sanctuary!

The morning of 12/21/15, the 2nd ‘snowfall’ of this winter, and the 1st time the pond started to freeze (but only for a few days). Some of the angels didn’t want to come up to eat, so… daddy went to THEM! Spoiled? Yes! It was quite a typically active morning as you can see and […]

Max’s New Beginning

Please note that this story was written Saturday 11/28/15. On Saturday, 11/21/15, I received an email from my friend Dorothy, who runs Sasha Farms, and she stated that she recently received an email from Anna, who was in a desperate need to find a nice home for her Green Winged Scarlet Macaw (aka Red and […]

Good bye Belleville!!

Another busy day, another busy week, another busy month for rescues here at the Sanctuary. It started in Flatrock, in the Huron Metropark area (almost an hour away), and ended in Belleville. Five total rescues: a goose with a damaged wing, a male Rouen with a swollen head, possibly an infection, another male rouen, a […]