Little Phoenix

Little Phoenix was found with just a small portion of his precious little body protruding out of his abandoned egg…  


Ray-Ray was our present who ended up on our ‘doorstep’ four days before this past Christmas, 2013.  His story is quite unique, but not unusual.  We have a great relationship with the MHS – Rochester, which is how Ray-Rays owner found us. I received a call from a gentleman who had a duck that he could no longer […]

Marc Antony

This little white call duck is Marc Antony.  He used to have a beautiful mate by the name of, you guessed it, Cleopatra. A few short years ago, she took a trip to Heaven.  After a long period of mourning, he again found love with a little tan colored call duck by the name of Brown Eyes.  […]


This little angel is Strawberry.  Every time we would throw out a bucket of fruit, you could only guess what her favorite fruit was!

View of Goldie

Linda Lee a.k.a. Mama Lee

The sweet white Emden pictured here is our oldest resident at the sanctuary.  She is estimated to be in her mid twenties – although a ‘lady’ never tells.  She IS the sanctuary’s Matriarch.  There are a myriad of stories about her.  She got her name when she hooked up with (or rather I should say, he hooked up […]

Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary

Minus Eight

This picture was taken when the temperature was eight below zero!  Even with about a dozen straw filled shelters within feet of the pond, most would rather stay out in the ‘cold’!!  With both aerators working unobstructed, this is about as bad as it gets for minimal water access.

Awesome pets – but NOT for everyone

Easter is around the corner and many stores will start to sell their day old ducklings and chicks.  PLEASE do not run out and buy one (most places require a minimum of at least two to six) just because your child or yourself  think they are cute.  They ARE extremely cute, and that is EXACTLY why stores […]