Thanksgiving Morning

Thanksgiving morning, I received a call from a woman named Diane who had informed me that the night before, she and her husband had managed to ‘lure’ two female Pekins into their garage that had been living on Somerset Lake in the Jackson area, for several months this summer. Obviously, another case of “we don’t […]

Grace Hopper

                                Grace Hopper came to the Sanctuary via the Mill Pond in Brighton on Saturday, 10/11/14 at about 10 weeks of age.  She had lost her leg early in her young life (most likely a snapper turtle) but by no means does she allow […]

Marc Antony and Brown Eyes

Another couple not often far from one another, is Marc Antony (White Call) and Brown Eyes.  These two have been together for at least three years now.  You see, Marc Antony used to spend his time with his first love, Cleopatra, but sadly she, by no design of her own, left him for the Crystal Ponds of […]

Michigan Bound via Ohio

This little group came to us about a week ago via the Perryville, Ohio  animal control division.  They were rescued from a lake where they were discarded by their ‘buyers’ (I won’t even refer to them as their owners) when the fad wore off.  The control officer said that they made several attempts locally to place […]


Angelena came to the Sanctuary on 9/24/14, after being abandoned by her mama and siblings because she was unable to fly away with them. She was born with a congenital deformity in her bill and was thus unable to forage properly and this left her with nutritional deficiencies and an inability to develop properly.  She […]