In Memoriam


The following pages will be dedicated to ALL of the precious little angels that have passed away while living out life to the fullest at the Sanctuary. Many of these beautiful creatures would have perished long ago without ever having had a chance to live as God intended....


  1. I have 3 domestic ducks that need rescue. They came with the house we purchased recently and unfortunately we are unable to properly care for them. We work a lot and really don’t know a lot about their care. We want them to be in a safe warm place before winter. We are located in Brownstown MI. Please email me if you can help.

  2. We are looking to rescue ducks. Are there ducks in need of rescuing at this time?

    Renee Decator

    • Almost always, sadly. Where are you located? Your area code leads me to think Toledo. We may have one tomorrow in Monroe. Can you call me tomorrow at 248-446-2021. Thanks, Matt

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