1. We called this morning. You requested photos of the duck that’s on our pond and cannot fly. We responded via text and are now following up with this email.

  2. I would like to help with Rescuing the swans and ducks. I’d also like to help out with helping take care of them.

  3. I live in Milan, Mi. Last year a lone Moscovy duck showed up. Stayed all summer trying to integrate with all the Mallards in a pond by my condo. It is back snd have seen it twice. All alone. Do you think this duck could live at your sanctuary? I feel bad as the other ducks will not let him close to them. I would appreciate a response. I think what you are doing is admirable. I feel this fuck could have been someone’s pet. It Was walking up the front sidewalk towards the front door of a condo this morning. Thank you so much for your time and attention regarding this beautiful lonely duck.

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