Knock, knock…anybody home?

Just yesterday, my wife and I were talking about how we only have one family of Canadian geese so far this year who have had a ….

Jack Webb and Sprout

Jack Webb (left) and Sprout are a very sweet couple who have been such for over  two years now…


Cocoa (black with white chest), Cinnamon….

Morning Calisthenics

This little girl is starting the day off with some early morning exercises.  Proper starting position, then stretch back, raise high and reach forward as far as you can!  Repeat.

What Really Happened?

A woman called the Sanctuary yesterday and told me that she has a “duck” that needed a home.  She explained that it was on her front lawn all alone and had been there for a good part of the day.  It was also my understanding that a neighbors dog was running amok and she thought is […]