This charming looking fellow is Howard and he has had his share of tough times but, thank God, he always bounces back stronger than ever.  It seems that several days ago he had some type of encounter which wasn’t very pleasant.  He may have been attacked or…..


This princess is Cami, and she has been around here for several years.  Although she is just a little thing, she can go toe to toe with the biggest of them, and if she can’t, she can run pretty well!   She is one of only a few hen (female) Indian Runners at the Sanctuary….

Six of one, plus 1/2 dozen

These twelve little sweethearts were dropped of at the Sanctuary this past Sunday, April 6, because their owner could no longer afford to keep them, nor could he take them with him as he and his wife relocated to another state.  He called several people in his surrounding area, but nobody wanted anything to do with them.  […]


Peepers was named after Miss Peeps who we lost early last year.  She is a rescue from the MHS – Rochester and she came to the Sanctuary with her sweet friend Christy…

Little Molly

Sometimes we have the sad misfortune of losing a precious angel who may have later had a kind of look-a-like come along to sort of shadow in their foot steps.  In a kind of honor or remembrance of that dear loved one, we may use the same name with a prefix added, even though by NO means, […]

Sonny & Cher

This inseparable couple is Sonny and Cher (don’t ask me why on this one, sometimes they just ‘come’ to me – and seem to fit!)  I do believe that Cher was named first, and of course, Sonny followed.  He absolutely adores her.  Oh yea, he’s the small drake Mallard and she is the much taller […]