Colonel Tom

Colonel Tom weighing in at 5lbs. 7ozs. a few days after…..

Niles Crane

This is Niles Crane and he just got himself either a fish sandwich, sans the bread, or some frog legs – attached!


This adorable Quaker Parrot is Kiki, and he was given up to us because….


This tiny munchkin is Dean and he’s very excited to be going back out side after a couple of weeks on the DL (baseballs reference to the Disabled List) for a right eye infection.  He is 1/2 of the Co. in Fergie and Co….

Moonlight Serenade

Bruce and Linda Lee out for a springtime swim under the moonlight.  Although she is many times his elder, these two are seldom one from another.  She sometimes needs her space, and when she has it, you can hear Bruce calling her from across the land until there are at each others side once more.

Fore!… I mean, Four!

Meet our new babies: Elsa, Rocky, Flash and Shooter (They came with a name :-)).  These four little darlings were dropped off today after….


This lady in waiting is Olive, and she has been coming to the Sanctuary with her handsome beau Brutus for several years now….