Please DO NOT…

...purchase a baby duckling because you think that they are cute, which they are, and you would love to show it off your friends or family, or on an impulse, or just because... The life of a domestic duckling is NO different than the life of a puppy or a kitten. They breath, eat, sleep, show emotion, feel PAIN, feel sadness AND need attention!! If you can't give them the constant caring that they need just to survive, please don't buy one just to 'have' one! Pet ducks cannot survive on their own and often come to an untimely and savage death if tossed into a pond with the 'good' intention of setting them free. Each year at Easter, farm stores sell cute little ducklings to families who haven't done their research but think it will be fun to have a duck for a pet. Within a couple of months, the duckling becomes a full grown bird that demands attention the family can't give it.

Unwanted and Injured Ducks Have a Retreat

The Sanctuary provides a safe residence for ducks that cannot care for themselves due to illness or injury or are no longer wanted as pets.

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Call Us Before Capturing An Injured Duck

Caring people feel compelled to help injured ducks but the stress of capture can increase the damage or cause death. Call us before you take action.

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Michigan Humane Society

We are proud to be associated with and approved by the Michigan Humane Society! We have become instrumental in assisting the MHS with it's domestic duck rescue and soon will be working to assist them in their wildlife rehabilitation efforts. Much more to come on this in the near future......
IWRC We are proud to be a member and supporter of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council